Anne's Peninsula Pet Care
About Me
Growing up in a small town in Rhode Island, I remember riding around the yard at a young age on the back of our 150lb St. Bernard named Max. After Max passed, I continued growing up with both dogs and cats and always had a close bond with each of them. I owned a cat named, Jipetto and a Russian Blue named, Baby. Sadly, they both passed away since starting my business. I own an adorable Chihuahua named Levi and a Chi, Mini Pinscher mix named Junior. My hobbies range from camping in the summer to skiing in the winter, whenever I get the chance.

I volunteered at the SPCA where I then was hired as their Vet. Assistant. Ten years ago now, I decided to put my passion and love for animals into starting my own pet care business. I'm excited and committed to offering reliable and affordable services within my community
Whats's the next step?
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Junior kisses!
Levi, Baby and I